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PO BOX 241, Imperial, California 92251-0241 USA
RANGE: 2500 West Wheeler Road, Imperial County, California
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DIRECTIONS: The IVRPA "Wheeler Range" is located 9.6M NNW of Seeley, California in Imperial County, CA (Superstition Mountain BLM OHV area, N of NAS) ~ 1.5 miles west on Wheeler off Huff Road: 32º 52' .738" N-115º 44' .438" W (32.87892,-115.741739) - Print printer friendly directions
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Fun Match (21Sep14)
Silhouette (Jan.12)
Vintage military match (Dec.11)
Fun Match (Feb11)
1st IVRPA Inter-club Trap Shoot (Jan11)
Vintage Military Match (Feb10)
Silhouette Match (Mar10)
Mosin Nagant at 300 yards (Jun10)
Vintage Match (19Dec10)
Su23Nov14: Kiwanis Club 'Turkey Shoot' Winners List

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IVRPA Officers & eMail contacts:   President: Secretary: Angie Herron small envelope
Monthly meetings are held 7 P.M. each 1st Tuesday of the month in the Dion International Trucks building, 397 East Evan Hewes Highway, El Centro, California 92243-9707 USA
Gates to the Range are to be kept locked except when it is open to the public on weekends and holidays.  If you need a 2015 gate key, phone Skip: (760) 353-6238.
Sunday, June 14, 2015 - Last Silhouette Shoot for the season & Barbeque: Marinated Carne Asada, Chili Beans, Guacamole, Rice & Salsas.  Starts at 9 a.m.   Everyone is welcome, bring the family & kids.  Match Fee of $5.00 per shooter, 17 & under are free.  Please click on this link JUNE BBQ FLYER to see a flyer advertising this event  This can be printed and distributed freely to promote the Sihouette Shoot.
3rd Sat. Oct-May, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The shotgun range is reserved for the 4-H.
animated right pointing finger The Shotgun Range will be open for trap & skeet practice every Sunday at 7:00 a.m. during the summer.
A new item animated gif A series of Women's Basic Pistol Safety Classes will be held.  Women will learn 1) to clean a pistol, 2) basic safety, 3) gun laws, and 4) basic shooting skills.  IVRPA will provide the pistols & ammunition.  Safety gear is provided; however, you can bring your own.  Fee: $25.00 pre-paid.  Reservations are only secure if paid in advance.  For payment or reservations call, text or email Stacy Bodus (760) 996-3732, email, website  Note: A signed IVRPA Waiver is required in order to shoot.
The IVRPA's annual $500.00 student scholarship is available to all IVRPA members, spouses, and children.  For the year 2015, applications for the 'IVRPA, Inc. Scholarship' must be submitted by Tuesday, June 30, 2015.  The 2015 Award will be for the Fall Semester of 2015/Spring 2016.  Scholarship applications must be submitted online at:
I.V.R.P.A. Hats and Tee Shirts for sale.  Also available are patches, decals and pro gun bumper stickers.  Phone Skip at: (760) 353-6238

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IVRPA Calendar of Events← Calendar Schedule: Print Version range schedule
Imperial Valley Rifle and Pistol Association - Monthly Matches
TBA 2016 Annual Event IVRPA Members Trap & Skeet Championship 9 am 760-556-8182
TBA ATA Sanctioned Trap (Registered) [not scheduled until further notice] TBA
Roger Murphy small envelope
1st Sun Oct-Jun High Power: Service/Match Rifle 200, 300, 600 yards.  800 point match 7 am 760-353-6238
1st Sat Oct-Apr Action Rifle Match - Semi-Auto, Centerfire, 3 magazines, 100 rounds, eye/ear protection.  Entry Fee: $5.00 8 am Chris A. Salgado small envelope
Mo Zayas small envelope
2nd Sun Oct-Jun Small Bore Silhouette (siluetas metalicas) - Steel animal targets: chickens, pigs, turkeys & rams at 40-50-75-100 yards. (7 a.m. setup, signup & practice time) Rimfire rifles & pistols (.22), Centerfire rifles & pistols up through .45; Match fee: $5.00, 17 & under free. 9:00 am
Doyle Pritchard small envelope
2nd Sa Oct-Jun Cowboy Action Shooting - Single action sixguns, rifles & shotguns (SASS) 7:30 am Anthony Variz small envelope 760-587-1743
3rd Sat Oct-Apr Action Pistol Shooters.  Non Affiliated IPSC/USPSA combat style pistol match.  3 to 4 stages of multiple stationary targets, moving targets and steel targets at various distances requiring reloading, moving, accuracy & speed. 8 am Chris A. Salgado small envelope
Sonny Lee Wong II small envelope
3rd Sun Sep-Jun Fun Match: Handguns 15 & 30 yards.  Rifles, Rimfire 50 & 100 yards.  Rifles, Centerfire 100 & 200 yards.  40 rds + "sighters" per firearm (Adults $3.00, 17 & under free) 7am Charlie Bennett 760-960-8142
4th Sat Oct-Apr Tactical Rifle: 200, 300, & 600 yards.  moving targets, popups, any rifle, sights, position; 30 rounds for record + "sighters" (Fee: $10.00) 7 am-setup
8 am-start
Charlie Bennett 760-960-8142
4th Sun Oct-Apr Long Range: 600, 800 & 1000 yards.  any rifle, sights, position; 30 rounds for record + "sighters" (Fee: $10.00) 7 am Charlie Bennett 760-960-8142
Sundays 2015
Trap & Skeet: Open Practice 7 am
Mike Fargo small envelope
Mike Williams
Tuesdays Sep-May Trap & Skeet: Open Practice. (Not held on 1st Tuesday of each month.) 5 pm 760-556-8182
Nov 29, 2015 Vintage Military Match: 100 yard match.  Service rifles made prior to 1947 8 am Charlie Bennett 760-960-8142
alternate: (760) 996-4449 - CCW Instruction member: Tom Boas small envelope
IVRPA is 501(c)(7)
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